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Forget about 50 shades of gray: check these readings backed by science instead of creating more heat between the leaves.

We have nothing against romantic novels, but when it comes to improving your emotional life, it is sometimes useful to look at science. Often, sex therapists recommend books with research support to their clients to help them return relationships to their minds.

We have asked three experts to reveal the books they often propose. Whether you are looking for a spice for your sex life or want to understand what it is that makes your partner hit you, read on to discover the five best options.

Come as you are: the new and amazing science that will change your sex life

By Emily Nagowski

“This is a very accessible book that helps women feel normal about their sexuality and, at the same time, provides sound advice on how to increase their happiness,” says Allen Zoldbrod, PhD, Ph.D., psychologist, psychologist and psychologist in Lexington, Massachusetts. “He said the book is filled with updated research and brain science, explains how women’s sexuality differs from men and what women can do to empower themselves in the bedroom.

Desire of the heart: keys to love fun.

By Stella Resnick, Ph.D.

How can you keep a living libido in a long-term relationship? This is what the researcher and therapist Stella Reisnik, PhD, reveals in this book. It depends on scientific research to explain how to stay emotionally and sexually satisfied over the years and even immerse yourself in how your childhood is shaped for your emotional life. “It depends on the way you grew up for love and affection, as if you were going to hug someone and get away from you,” explains Katharine Petin, a psychology doctor, licensed clinical psychologist and certified midwife. Virginia likes the questions and quizzes in the book that can help you better understand your partner.

Hold me tight: seven talks for a lifetime of love

By Sue Johnson

This book, recommended by Christine Zezing, PsyD, a psychologist and psychologist in San Diego, focuses on a treatment technique called EFT. It was developed by clinical psychologist Sue Johnson, a doctor of education who defines the electronic money transfer system as recognizing and recognizing that “you are emotionally united and dependent on your partner in the same way that a child has a father for nutrition. , calm and protection. ” The book reveals seven transformative conversations. It must be for each couple.

First, guide a man of thought to enjoy women.

By Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

Although the title indicates that this book is for men, both women and men can learn a lot about the love industry with this reading, says Dr. Petten. With practical information on the female anatomy (the clitoris contains 18 different parts and twice as many nerve endings as the penis, for example), it eliminates the mystery about oral sex by introducing step-by-step techniques and ways to start a conversation about His couple.

Mating in families: open sexual intelligence

By esther pearl

This great selling book is loved by both Bettin and Dr. Zeising. In fact, many sex therapists rely on it as a well-thought-out guide to help their clients improve their sexual lives and maintain, or restore, a mutual desire, says Peyton. Through case studies and dynamic discussions, the author shows that sex is fun and enjoyable in long-term relationships.


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