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It was believed that men and women had gone through four distinct phases during sex, but some researchers and doctors say that the real picture is a more complex mix of emotional and physical interactions. In men and women, the sexual response is unpredictable.

Changing views on the sexual response: emotional stereotypes

Trialix In the 1960s, leading sex researchers William Masters and Virginia E. Johnson described the human sexual response cycle in four stages: emotion, plateau, orgasm, and solution. Today, most doctors believe that sexual responsiveness varies greatly from one person to another and from the relationship, says Daniel N. Water, Ed, a certified psychiatrist and gynecologist in Parsippany, NJ. J.

“Emotionally, I say that there is a greater disparity between men and women than between men and women,” says Dr. Water. The stereotype was that women were more emotional and men more physical.

This stereotype is played in the types of research in progress. “There’s a lot of research on male orgasm from a physical point of view, a lot of research on [erectile dysfunction drugs], but I’m not aware of anyone investigating how men feel about sex,” says Water.

Testo Drive 365 But this does not mean that sex therapists consider men as sexual robots. What Watter discovered is that men who want to have sex more than their partners consider it a personal insult when their partner does not want to have sex. For example, they think: “You are not interested in me,” says Water. In other words, men care how their sexual partners feel.

Female orgasm

For women in particular, good sex does not always mean access to orgasm. Female orgasm is not always necessary for fun.

Blanche Freund, a certified and scientific gynecologist at Delray Beach and Aventura, Florida, says it’s common for women to have no orgasms, especially vaginal ones. “They may have group orgasms in another way, whereas men usually have a form, or women may not have orgasms, and they are fine because they are being held, embraced and receive another sexual stimulation,” says Freund.

A decade ago, says Water, he believed that if a woman did not want to have sex, there was an error or a diagnosis. “Now the most important question is:” When you have sex, do you enjoy it? “He says.

Why do some women lose interest in sex?

The researchers also discover why some women do not pay attention to sex. Canada

Martha Meena, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, has conducted research on 30-year-old married women who have lost interest in their husbands. The reasons, according to Meana, included:

Having a sexual partner with women was familiar

Sex available

The belief that although their husbands want to have sex, couples do not necessarily want to be with them

Mena believes that the interest of married women in sex can be easily interrupted by the husband’s routine presence and other types of intervention, such as children, body image problems and self-esteem problems.

Meana also believes that it is more difficult for a married woman to be more interested in sex than in men, which places a greater burden on men to be romantic. This also means that men should try harder to convince their wives that they not only want to have sex, but also wish to have sex with them.

Good Sex = Good Couples?

It seems that some ancient beliefs about sex are supported by more recent research. For example, couples who enjoy a good sexual relationship are more emotional with each other, according to the Association for the Scientific Study of Gender, which leads to more sexual contact and more emotional satisfaction.

The fact that men, who are more driven by sex than women, are likely to be the initiators of sexual activity in gender relations.

“Many women enjoy sex,” says Water, “but they may not feel a strong desire for satisfaction until they actually have sex,” said one researcher, “the difference between spontaneous sexual desire and receptive sexual desire.”

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